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Collection and use of personal information

1.When collecting personal information, we will clearly define the purpose of collection and collect personal information to the extent necessary.
2.Personal information collected through this site is strictly managed, and the collected personal information is used only for the purposes described above, and if it is used beyond this range, it is permitted by law. Except in some cases, we will obtain customer consent in advance.

About the access analysis tool

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Inquiry / Disclosure / Change / Suspension / Erase of Personal Information

We recognize that you have the right to request inquiry, disclosure, change, suspension of use, deletion, etc. of your personal information, and we will respond promptly without any objection if there is such a request . In that case, we will confirm that you are the personal information provider. If you change, suspend, or delete your personal information as requested, you may not be able to use our products or services.

Management of personal information

1.The Company will make thorough education and guidance to employees so that personal information is handled appropriately and endeavor to ensure that it is handled appropriately. Maintain the accuracy of personal information and manage it safely.
2.In order to prevent loss, destruction, falsification, damage and leakage of personal information, we will take appropriate information security measures against unauthorized access, computer viruses, etc., and take appropriate safety measures within a reasonable range. In addition, we take personal information and prevent leakage due to transmission to the outside. We will not change the content of the personal information you provide without obtaining your consent. The same applies when outsourcing information processing to an external company.
3.We will respond promptly to complaints and consultations regarding the handling of personal information, and we will review and improve the appropriate measures concerning the handling and safety management of our personal information as appropriate.

Disclosure to third parties

1.In the unlikely event that a leak of personal information occurs on this website, we will immediately contact the parties and temporarily suspend the services on that website until security is maintained. In addition, as soon as the parties are contacted, they will be immediately disclosed on the website.
2.Customers who access this website and the Company shall comply with the laws of Japan regarding the use of this website.
3.The use of this website is at the customer’s discretion and the customer is responsible for the use.
4.In order to provide useful information and services to customers, other websites may be introduced on our website, but we are not involved in the operation and management of the website. . Please be aware that we are not responsible for the use of the website and the handling of personal information on the website.
5.If you disclose your personal information on the homepage or register it in a service that can be viewed by a third party, the personal information will be used by the third party for purposes not intended by you. Please note that there is a possibility.

About content

All information, data, documents, photos, images, messages, text, etc. provided by this site, even if the contents were publicly known and well-known, the rights regarding the contents were created first. You know that you belong to the person who rightfully transferred or licensed that right from the person you created or first created.

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